Who We Are


When Brendan Mulholland, owner of Cotswold Cottage, moved from Scotland to Canada, he decided to convert his vision into reality. He brought his mothers old traditional foods recipes with a view to making the essence of homemade food accesible to everyone. In his own words "My mother use to make soup and meat pies for the family nearly every day when I was a young lad growing up in Scotland. I loved her cooking and grew up to share her passion for good food. We use many of her recipes today for our products."

From the beginning, Brendan made all of our products by hand in a small kitchen located in our main address. Later on, and thanks to our customers continuous support, we opened the bakery keeping the same recipes and methods as before but now we have a team of fully qualified and experienced bakers who continue to uphold his values and quality in order to satisfy our customers.



Constant Evolution
Our team is constantly evolving and searching for the best ways to develop new products that satisfy our customers needs.

Quality Assured
We use local suppliers where posible, insisting that robust food safety and quality systems are in place. Our food safety and quality standards are independently assessed every year with exceptional results.

Passionate Team
From sales associates to our bakers, our team put their hearts and souls into their work. We promote and protect traditional recipes, while creating new tastes to reflect current trends.